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Speaking of suicide: How institutions harm people they were made to help

TW: suicide, police, child sexual abuse Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States, and yet it is a taboo conversation. The subject understandably makes most people uncomfortable. But ignoring it only adds to misinformation and mistreatment of people who experience suicidal thoughts and feelings. This can only change by allowing people […]

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An Introduction to Bro-Dude Christianity

Hello and welcome! A few months ago, we talked about evangelicals’ reckoning with mental illness in their ranks. One flavor of Christianity seems especially vulnerable to this problem, too: bro-dude Christians. Today, let me show you what bro-dude Christianity is — and how it’s made toxic Christianity even worse. (Disclaimer: Today, we discuss toxic Christianity. Obviously, quite a […]

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Promises, False and Discovered

Now, you’d think that sensible salespeople would want to avoid making promises they can’t possibly keep. Alas for Christians, these promises are so much a part of their overall sales pitch that they can’t. Join me for a look at false promises, and why they devastate Christian evangelism attempts.